How to Get Vodacom Puk Number 2024

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed your Vodacom PUK number but didn’t know how to get it? You’re not alone! Many people face this problem and feel frustrated and lost. But don’t worry! In this article, I will explain in simple steps how to get your Vodacom PUK number quickly and easily. So, let’s dive in and solutions.

What is a PUK Number and Why is it Important?

A PUK number is an 8-digit security code unique to your Vodacom SIM card. It serves as a last resort to unblock your SIM card if you’ve mistakenly entered the wrong PIN three consecutive times. Entering the correct PUK code unlocks your SIM card, allowing you to set a new PIN.

Retrieving Your Vodacom PUK Number: Multiple Methods

Vodacom offers several convenient ways to retrieve your PUK number. Here are the methods you can explore and special Vodacom Guide:

How to Get a Puk Number for Vodacom

1. Open your phone’s dial pad and enter one of the following Vodacom puk number USSD codes:

  • *135# (For some mobile carriers)
  • *111# (For other mobile carriers)
How to Find Vodacom Puk Number

2. Press “9” for “Next” or follow the on-screen prompts to navigate.

Vodacom puk number USSD

3. Look for the option “Services” and select it, usually by pressing “4”.

Vodacom puk number guide

4. Press “8” for “Next” or follow the prompts.

How to find puk number on vodacom

5. Choose “PUK Number” from the list of options, usually by pressing “3”.

how to get vodacom puck number

6. Your PUK number will be displayed on the screen.

How to See vodacom puk number

How to Get Vodacom Puk Number Via SMS

  • Open The Messaging app on your mobile and compose a new SMS message.
  • In the message body, type “VPP“.
  • Send the SMS to this number 31050.
  • You’ll receive a reply SMS containing your PUK number.

How to Get Vodacom Puk Number When Phone is Locked

Answer is Checking the SIM Card Holder

  • The PUK number is typically printed on the plastic holder from which you removed your SIM card.
  • Look for a scratch-off section that reveals the PUK number upon scratching.
How to Get Vodacom Puk Number 2024

How to Find Vodacom Puk Number Using My Vodacom App

  • Download and install the My Vodacom app on your smartphone.
  • Open the app and log in using your Vodacom account Details.
  • Navigate to the “Services” section within the app.
  • Locate the “PUK Number” option and tap on it.
  • Your PUK number will be displayed on the screen.

Important Note: If you’re unable to retrieve your PUK number using any of the methods mentioned above, contacting Vodacom customer care is your best option. They can assist you in retrieving your PUK number or, in extreme cases, replacing your SIM card.

Requesting a Vodacom PUK Number from Another Phone

While Vodacom offers various methods to retrieve your PUK number, requesting it directly from another phone isn’t officially supported. This is primarily due to security concerns, as sharing your PUK code with anyone poses a risk of unauthorized SIM card access.

However, if you’re unable to access your Vodacom phone or the methods mentioned previously, there might be alternative solutions depending on your situation:

Get Vodacom Puk Number By Calling Customer Care:

  • If you’re unable to access the My Vodacom app, USSD menu, or SMS functionality, you can contact Vodacom customer care for  Support.
  • Dial 135 from your Vodacom phone or 082 135 from any other phone.
  • Explain your situation to the customer care representative and request your PUK number.
  • Be prepared to provide your account information and identity verification details for security purposes.

Additional Tips for Managing Your PUK Number:

  • Store your PUK number securely: Write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place separate from your phone or wallet. You can also consider storing it in a password manager app.
  • Avoid sharing your PUK number: Never share your PUK number with anyone, including Vodacom representatives. They will never ask you for your PUK number directly.
  • Memorize your PIN: If possible, try to memorize your PIN to avoid the risk of entering it incorrectly and needing the PUK code.

By following these steps and keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to handle situations where your Vodacom SIM card gets blocked. Remember, using your PUK code responsibly is crucial to maintaining secure access to your mobile network.

Can I Get My Vodacom Puk Number Online

Yes, you can retrieve your Vodacom PUK number online through the My Vodacom app or by logging into your My Vodacom account on their website.


I hope this article is helpful for you. You can get your PUK number through USSD, SMS, My Vodacom App, or check your sim card packing. For USSD Just dial *135# on your phone and select “Services” followed by “PUK Number”. Alternatively, you can send an SMS with the text “VPP” to 31050 from the phone number linked to your Vodacom account.

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